About personal information protection policy

We recognize the importance of personal information provided by our customers, comply with laws and regulations related to personal information protection, handle personal information properly and fairly, and ensure safe and reliable management so that information is not leaked to the outside.

About the handling of personal information

●About the use of personal information

The personal information you send us will be used only for the purposes requested by you and for the following purposes.

1. When it is necessary to provide personal information due to the provisions of laws and regulations, police, court orders, etc., and the need to carry out the business of the regulatory agency.
2. When publishing as a result of statistics without identifying an individual, such as the answer to a questionnaire, or as a "Frequently Asked Question" without identifying an individual.
3. In addition, especially when the consent of the person is obtained in advance.
4. If you do not notify us, we will contact you in case of serious loss or damage.

We will keep an e-mail for a quotation for scrapped / accident car / used parts collection, a request for used parts search, and an email for a quotation for scrapped / accident vehicle collection.

We will also store emails for other inquiries.

●Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

The acquired personal information, properly will respond if the request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use from the person or agent has been made.

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