Ten years have passed since the beginning of the 21st century, and the world is about to reach a very big milestone.
Various global problems such as environmental problems and resource problems are becoming more and more serious, and they are about to change drastically due to the shift from a fossil fuel mass consumption society to a "sustainable society".
Various changes are required, such as the way corporate management should be, the way employees work, and the lifestyles of consumers.
In order to respond to such changes and aim for sustainable development, we will put "environment" at the core of all business activities and bring about innovation with "integration of environmental contribution and business growth".
The more the business grows, the more it can contribute to the environment, and the more it contributes, the more the business grows.
Based on the experience and technology we have cultivated so far, we will continue to strive to contribute to an environment-recycling society while striving for "harmony with the global environment".

Contribution to a circulating society

Human beings have used the natural environment as capital in the process of developing civilization since ancient times.
However, with the progress of development, "environmental problems" on a global scale continue to become more serious.
Originally, nature has self-healing properties, and it is possible to recover by self-healing up to a certain burden.
However, with the rapid growth of the industrial society, as a result of unconsciously continuing to impose an invisible burden on the natural world, we have pushed the earth to a situation where self-repair is impossible.
We face these environmental problems head-on, set the slogan of "Re-Earth" <Earth Restoration>, and research daily with "Challenge to ZERO" <Challenge to 0> in mind to create an environment-friendly environment.

Basic Policy on Environmental

We mainly operate the recycling business, so we focus on the protection of all resources and contribute to the protection of the global environment.

1. We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, continuously improve our environmental management system, and strive to reduce the burden on the environment.
2. We strive to save energy, resources, and recycle in all our business activities.
3. We will actively strive for green purchasing.
4. We regularly provide environmental education to raise awareness of environmental conservation.
5. We will inform all officers and employees of our environmental policy and disclose it to the outside.

Hanshin Material CO.,LTD.
President / Fumikazu Nakamichi

Basic Policy on Responsible Purchasing of Minerals

Our basic policy is to use no conflict minerals (gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten) produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries.
In addition, we are implementing the following measures to prevent terrorists and armed groups from being involved in funding and money laundering due to the non-use of these conflict minerals.

■ Construction of management system

We will establish an appropriate management system to avoid the use of conflict minerals.

■ Judgment criteria for raw material procurement from high-risk suppliers

If the place of origin is the Democratic Republic of the Congo or its surrounding countries, we will consider it as high-risk raw material procurement and will not trade.

■ Due diligence on raw materials

We will evaluate gold raw materials and suppliers, and if we find that they are involved in conflict minerals, we will immediately stop trading.

■ Education

We will provide appropriate education and training to those involved in conflict minerals.

4 1, 2018
Hanshin Material CO.,LTD.
President / Fumikazu Nakamichi