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Already 10 years has passed from 21st century, the world is going to enter an important transition.
Global environmental and resource problems are becoming more and more serious.
Shift from fossil-fuel consumption society to sustainable society causes major changes
in the international environment.
Role of business management, work styles of employees and life style of consumer, etc.
will be requested a variety of social changes.
We contribute to the global environment through our recycle business and promote to
the protection of the environment.

Development of human civilization is based on the environment and is one of the causes of
the environment degradation.
Nature has ability to repair oneself at least to some degree.
The sharp growth of the industrial society has had a profound effect on the environment.
We face the challenge of the environmental problem and put up a slogan of gRe-Earthh.
We create earth-conscious efforts and study the "Challenge to ZERO".

Our business will preserve the natural resources and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Strive continuously to improve and enhance environmental protection activities not only by fully complying
with environmental laws and regulations but also, when necessary, by establishing,
implementing and evaluating independent standards and setting environmental goals and targets.

We take a proactive stance on green procurement.

Take steps to raise environmental awareness among all employees through environmental education, etc.,
undertake activities to provide environment-related information to the public,
and proactively make environment-enhancing contributions to society.

President, Fumikazu Nakamichi